BigHeart Every Day.

“What do girls do who haven’t any mothers to help them through their troubles?” -Louisa May Alcott

With Mother’s Day fast approaching I wanted to make something to show my Mama how much I appreciate and admire her.  There have been many occasions over the years I have given my Mother a present, yet I can’t help but think the things I made as a child are her favorites.  There was such a purity behind the workmanship, such a devotion to getting it “just right.”

My Mother is a woman who never stops giving of herself.  She is a fountain of joy, exuberance, and gratitude for the many gifts of life.  My Mother is a beloved wife, a Gramie, a teacher, a volunteer, and an inspiration to the community.  It is extraordinary how many lives she has touched in her commitment to live her life in the service of the greater good.  When I say she has touched lives what I really mean is that she has touched hearts.  Countless hearts.  A magnificent constellation of hearts connected because of her.

DIY Mother’s Day Heart Watercolor

Mothers day DIY watercolor sea salt


-Watercolor paint, I got a Winsor & Newton Cotman Set at Blick along with a couple extra tubes for variation in my hues(the amazingly helpful salesgirl told me pinks are most potent when in tube form!)

-Watercolor brushes

-Watercolor paper

-sea salt

-masking/washi tape

-glass of rosé and Billie Holiday on the record player(optional)

Watercolor Materials Mothers Day

Begin by taping your watercolor paper to the table with masking tape, this helps keep your paper in place as it tends to curl when wet.  Then make 4-6 hues on your palette in a color family pleasing to your Mother.  The obvious choice for mine is pinks and purples.  Take your round brush and draw two connecting lines one from the left then the right to create small hearts, continue down a vertical line in this way.  Switch colors and repeat.  The great thing about his project is the diversity of heart size and little imperfections actually add to the charm!  If you feel another image is more appropriate for your Mother-change it up!  Flowers for her Beauty?  Arrows for her guidance?  Stars for her light?  Smiles for her joy?

When finished, while the paint is still wet sprinkle with sea salt.

DIY Sea Salt Watercolor

When paint is completely dry gingerly chip off the salt to reveal texture in the dried watercolor.

Write a note on the back.  Frame it.  Or simply hand it over.

DIY Watercolor Hearts Sea Salt

Look at all those grateful HEARTS.

One BIG HEART made all the difference.

There is no greater compliment than when someone tells me “You are just like your Mother.”

MotherDaughterLOVE EveryDay.



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