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“Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine!”  -Thomas Hood

I don’t understand the intense loathing some people feel towards Valentine’s Day.  Never have.  How can you hate LOVE?  Calling it a “Hallmark” holiday is a load of hooey.  Listen up people!  It’s not about red roses, and heart shaped boxes of truffles, or over-stuffed animals or even the candle-lit dinners…’s always been about the cards.  Duh.  St. Valentine!  Ever heard of him?  Patron saint of lovers….the man who sent the first love letter enscribed “from your Valentine.”  We can all get behind that, right?  The passion, the longing, the desire, the need to put your feelings in writing!  This day isn’t about presents or showy displays, it’s about how you FEEL.  Get it?  Don’t let the floral and greeting card industries get to you- turn inward and investigate what’s happening in that beating heart of yours.

Love is the answer.  Love is all you need.  Love is a many splendored thing!

And don’t tell me its only about romantic love, cause I will fight to the end on that. Single, coupled, lonely, blissful- give all the love you got to your friends, your grandmother, your nephew, your mentor, your neighbor, your SELF!  A day to commemorate love sounds like something we could all use!  Am I right?

When I was in elementary school we always made our valentines.  That’s right, no drugstore superhero valentine’s for this family! (I wonder where I get my craftiness.)  We would buy those heart- shaped paper doilies and construction paper.  We were old school- we would fold the paper in half, cutting the shape of half a heart & unfold it to reveal the perfect heart,  oh yeah!  I still remember the intense pleasure I felt in those creations crafted by my little hands.

So here I am, twenty years later, with an update.  I think they turned out kinda chic.

diy doily valentine pink pain


SUPPLIES:-paper doilies     -kraft paper & envelopes     -paint(I ended up mixing my red & white to make PINK!)     -paint brushes      -glue stick

diy doilies valentines supplies materials

Arrange doily on paper and use as a “silk screen” by painting over doily.  Allow each coat to dry before layering the colors.

paint silk screen doily valentine

If you like you can paint the doily, let it dry and then glue stick onto the paper creating an inverse of the design.  The options are endless!

diy paint doily valentines

Keep in mind-I got about 4 good cards out of each doily.  The paper begins to break down after that and makes a less clean image.  Now all you need to do is write from the heart.

“My funny valentine, sweet comic valentine, you make me smile with my heart…..Each day is Valentines Day.” -Rogers & Hart

diy doily valentine

FeelItAll EveryDay.

PutItInWriting Everyday.

diy valentine

SpreadLOVE Everyday.

MyFunnyValentine EveryDay.

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  1. Patricia Matthews

    It warms my HEART to have you express sweet remembrances of our Valentine making when you were a little girl. They are precious moments celebrated. I always felt the recipient of the home made Valentine could feel all the love that went into the gift making. For the Valentine from the heart is a pure and special gift. Ta Maman qui t’adore….


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