About ME.

Greetings!  I'm Desiree.


Welcome to Champagne Every Day!

I’m Desirée- a Bay Area native, currently nesting in cozy Brooklyn with my husband.

This blog is for the bons vivants of the world……for those who seek the finer things in some small way every day.  I believe little acts of creativity and mindfulness can go a long way to reap the majesty and beauty that lies all around us.  

Take a moment and slow down.  Make something with your hands.  Cultivate something for your home.  Craft something for a loved one.  Feed someone with your creation.  I promise you will be changed for it.  The energy of your efforts will resonate all around.

Champagne is only the beginning!

Drop me a line at ChampagneEveryDay@gmail.com.  I LOVE letters.


4 Responses to “About ME.”

  1. Patty McLucas

    I just love it—the elan, the energy, the enthusiasm! The good taste and the oh-so-tasteful good tastes (sadly, only tasted virtually). Very, very fun!


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